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Tool to flatten chicken wire and hardware mesh fencing

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​​GenTap introduces a simple tool to solve the long suffered problem of unrolling rolled wire fencing. Using rolled fencing is a challenge because it does not straighten out as you remove it and tends to roll back on the user, often nicking their hands and arms and risking damage to the eyes. The application of the fence looks wavy and uneven since the bend is still in the wire. The GenTap Fence Straighter solves that problem quickly and easily.

The Fence straightener flattens and straightens chicken wire and hardware wire used for animal pens, chicken coops and general fencing by rolling the wound fencing through 3 wood rollers on a metal bracket that take the bend out of the wire by bending it back to its original straight condition.​ Pictures are worth a thousand words...

Fence Straightening Tool

Tool used for wire fence set up chicken coops stucco mesh wire

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Fence straightening tool for chicken wire
chicken wire fence straightener tool