Chris Aliberti

Years of experience: 35
Position: E-Commerce

Mr. Aliberti established GENTAP Innovation - Turning Simple Ideas Into Usable Products.

joel patana

Years of experience: 10
Manufacturing Manager 

Joel Patana has been with the company since day one and has had a hand in improving and perfecting every product we make. 

julianna aliberti

Years of experience: 3
Marketing & Product Manager 

Julianna Aliberti is responsible for retail markets and overall inventory ordering and management.


To find and solve simple consumer challenges with affordable ​quality products

​GenTap strives to help consumers with solutions that solve issues and simplify life. We look to bring these products to our retailers so that they can also have repeat customers and profitability. 

Product line examples:

  1. GasTapper was introduced in 2013 as a single 12V powered transfer pump and has grow into 7 products with Siphon Pro becoming a bestseller on Amazon in just 3 months. GasTapper continues to grow and evolve with 2 additional products due to be released. Siphon Pro XL and Hose Man hose clip

  2. GenTap introduced Cooler Shock in the summer of 2015 and has become the fasted growing cooler ice pack on the market with over 100k units sold on Amazon during the summer season of 2016. It has gone through 2 product evolutions with several new formats and several more on the way. Each evolution drives dramatic sales growth as our customers help us tune the product. Cooler Shock is now referenced or re-sold by several large cooler manufacturers. 

  3. Hose Man hose clip will become it's own product line. It will initially be used to enhance the GasTapper siphon line and then will move on to be sold individually as a hose retainer in the medical and laboratory space.

  4. Fence Straightener will be fully release in September of 2016. This product will be placed into specific key markets to address small acreage homeowners and typical fencing needs.

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About Us

Miriam patterson

Years of experience: 11
Position: CFO

Mrs. Patterson manages profitability through cost and efficiency analysis across product lines

david isho

Years of experience: 35
Position: Manufacturing Operations

Mr. Isho is responsible for continuous improvement in operations and product delivery